I Suck. :(

ITS TRUUU GUISE I SUCK 😦 OKEH ENUF WIT TEH GAMER MLG SWAG TALK EVEN DOE ITS SWEGG. Yeah. I suck. I’m gonna press the pause button on this blog. Possibly forever. Idk. I wanna say thanks to PC, even though it was just a welcome post. I wanna thank him for letting me post on the amazing Clawtropica blog, which I will post on soon. Remember, do not give up on me. Stay tuned!! I’ll come back soon! Bai!!

its a blimp!!

Hi Mateys!

Yellow guys! My name is Purple Claw and I love Poptropica! I wanna thank Young Singer for inviting me to this cutie blog! I also work on a few blogs: minePSBHLPB and now this blog here! Now to the introduction part. WHY?!?

I am a weird nerd. My Pop username is donatloul. I love watching Steven Universe, Gravity Falls and Arthur. I love nature and sports. My favorite sports are soccer and basketball. But my top 1st favorite things are: FRENCH FRIES!!!!


Well, that was bad. Also don’t forget to say hi to me. Or just run away. You choose. Just kidding guys! Anyway here’s my wonderful avatar:


-Purple Claw out!

Extra! Extra! Now Hiring!

That’s right! I’m hiring. Later on you’ll find the qualifications to become an author here. But first… lemme take a selfie. No, I’m joking… hehe. That’s the kind of humor we need here. If you know me, you sure know i like jokes. And memes. And GIFs… etc. So… blah blah… authors authors… bleh. Ok, GIVE ME A DRUMROLL! No? Well here are the rules :

  • You have to have a Gravatar / WordPress account to join.
  • You have to have an Email ( Example : yourname@poptropica.com )
  •  You have experience in blogging with WordPress? Congrats! You’re in.
  • 12 or older? Have all the qualifications above? Awesome! You’re also in!

Ok so… PM me on Discord, saying you want to join and you have all the qualifications. Until next time…



Ello, Poptropicans! I’m Young Singer and this is my new blog! I know what ya’ll are thinking. ” What’s this crazy chick up to  now?” No? Well I ain’t no palm reader! Anyway… Yurp, I know it looks noobish, but do not worry! I’ll make it look like the amazing Poptropica Skunk Blog! Yep, this is a really short post, but who cares? Just… go read a book while I finish the rest of it.
( Jeopardy theme music )

Well… that was boring. ( opens up umbrella ) Expect more soon! ( flies away )