Extra! Extra! Now Hiring!

That’s right! I’m hiring. Later on you’ll find the qualifications to become an author here. But first… lemme take a selfie. No, I’m joking… hehe. That’s the kind of humor we need here. If you know me, you sure know i like jokes. And memes. And GIFs… etc. So… blah blah… authors authors… bleh. Ok, GIVE ME A DRUMROLL! No? Well here are the rules :

  • You have to have a Gravatar / WordPress account to join.
  • You have to have an Email ( Example : yourname@poptropica.com )
  •  You have experience in blogging with WordPress? Congrats! You’re in.
  • 12 or older? Have all the qualifications above? Awesome! You’re also in!

Ok so… PM me on Discord, saying you want to join and you have all the qualifications. Until next time…



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